Banff Adventures: Spreading Gratitude for Community

Surveying the beautiful view that stretches west across the Bow Valley from their third-floor office, Daryn and Kristen McCutcheon are clearly grateful Banffites. Like so many who have made their life’s work here, the owners of Banff Adventures are continually inspired by where they live and keen to share it with others. And they’re committed to making life better in Banff for all.

“It’s really a privilege to live here,” Daryn McCutcheon says, nodding to the view towards Sundance Canyon and Mt Bourgeau. “We’re very fortunate and we try to foster good relationships. We value this community greatly.”

An activity booking centre that also rents outdoor equipment and “ultimately sells fun”, Banff Adventures  has been connecting visitors from around the world with the joys of the Rockies for more than 25 years. Starting as a rafting company (Hydra Rafting) after Daryn’s first trip to the Rockies, they now also own and operate the Banff Canoe Club.

It’s a family business, with Kristen McCutcheon, Daryn’s wife, also fully involved. She says the COVID-19 pandemic only made it more obvious how great life in Banff is – as the community rallied together and residents found solace in nature.


We're raising our kids here and they're so lucky. It’s a happy place where people choose to be here. And even though we can all sometimes get caught up in this being a busy tourist town, I think we need to remember that there’s still a community here that’s really important.”

- Kristen McCutcheon

Canoe for a Cause is Back

It’s been more than 10 years since Banff Adventures began a partnership with Banff Canmore Foundation (BCF). In 2014, they kicked off Canoe for A Cause, an annual fundraiser at the Banff Canoe Club that has raised both awareness and funds. It’s also brought together a number of other local businesses to support the effort.

Although the fundraiser was paused during the COVID-19 pandemic, it was back in the summer of 2022, and in August 2023, Canoe for a Cause raised $12,000 for the BCF Community Fund!

“So many people have gotten involved and other businesses have helped us a lot with Canoe for a Cause,” Daryn says. “Suppliers, friends – it has become a real community event.”

And while the fundraiser started off channeling funds to a variety of individual charities, the McCutcheons and their team quickly came to understand that a partnership with BCF could really help.

“We realized that BCF’s programs have an impact in so many different ways,” Daryn says.”We trust BCF to do the homework and do due diligence and get the funds where they’re needed most.”

It’s part of a relationship with community that stretches beyond their business to their kids’ hockey teams and to the ski hills and trails that fill their days with joy.

Coupled with the ‘privilege’ of living in Banff, there’s a strong sense of gratitude to community at the heart of the McCutcheon’s lives.


It can be easy to take this place for granted, but we can all do something. We really love living here. We’re keen to do our part to give back.”

- Daryn McCutcheon



Banff Canmore Foundation wishes to express sincere gratitude for the support, leadership and effort of Banff Adventures.

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