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Bow Valley Vital Signs is a reporting program that explores timely and relevant topics important to our local community. Each report identifies significant trends, and provides in-depth, up-to-date data and information on a critical issue to inspire creative action.

Through the Vital Signs program, we are sharing knowledge and shifting power to tackle regional, national, and even global challenges with a local perspective, focusing on what matters most to the unique and wonderful communities here in the Bow Valley.

Housing in the Bow Valley


Our first Vital Signs report offers a comprehensive overview of housing in the Bow Valley.

Published April 26, 2024.



Vital Considerations: Housing

Over the last two years, Banff Canmore Foundation has been learning about the Bow Valley housing landscape by investigating what data exists to describe the state of housing in the Bow Valley and the systems and dynamics that underlay it. Here’s what we found.



Housing is a Valley-wide issue.

All communities are experiencing the crisis. Our escalating housing shortage is estimated, Bow Valley-wide, to be in excess of 3,000 units for full time residents, with the greatest need for multi-family and rental dwellings.




Housing is a complex (eco)system.

From wages and population growth to availability of housing stock and land use policies, there are a lot of factors that impact housing in the Bow Valley. In turn, housing significantly impacts community vitality. Learn about the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals here.


Housing is impacted by our assumptions and beliefs.

The housing ecosystem is influenced by our attitudes, beliefs and unintended consequences of interventions that may solve one problem—and inadvertently create another.



What we believe impacts what we are able to imagine for this special place we call home."

- Erin Woods


Vital Actions: Housing

Vital Signs isn't just a report—it's a call to action. We all have a role to play in creating a more equitable housing landscape for all Bow Valley residents. Find out how you can help.

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This report invites us to think regionally, with a systems lens, about our attitudes and the ways in which philanthropy might play a role that we haven’t thought about before.”

- Erin Woods


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