Community Services Recovery Fund Local Recipients Announced

Charities and non-profits in the Canadian Rockies are receiving $185,000 in funding from the Community Services Recovery Fund. Built to respond to the adaptation and modernization needs following the COVID-19 pandemic, these organizations are now able to adapt, modernize and become more resilient. Banff Canmore Foundation (BCF) as part of Community Foundations of Canada (CFC) has administered this program within the Bow Valley, and including the community of Jasper, Alberta as well.


Here are the programs receiving funding:

  1. Whyte Museum Fundraising: In collaboration with KEA Consulting, this project will create a comprehensive fundraising strategy and business case for the Whyte Museum to support the expansion of our building and site. This project will modernize the museum by creating an active fundraising program and help provide a modern building and site which have not been updated or expanded in over 30 years.
  2. Rocky Mountain Adaptive Sports Centre’s HR capacity building and financial systems improvement:With the growth of our organization, we require greater capacity for HR and payroll and improvements to our financial systems. The project will allow us to move from a part time HR coordinator to a fulltime office manager and also implement timely reporting to support better planning and decision-making to support our tremendous growth.
  3. Canmore and Area Mountain Bike Association’s (CAMBA) Asset Management System: This project is to build a digital, online, asset management system for CAMBA to use to better manage the trails, and many assets, under its purview. The system will provide an easy to use, and map based interface for CAMBA to manage assets such as trail counters, signage, technical trail features, and general inspections.
  4. YWCA Banff’s Measuring Our Impact / Strengthening YWCA Banff’s Systems Through Database Investment:  YWCA Banff will implement a new database system and evaluation framework to consistently and efficiently track program outcomes and impact. This data will help YWCA improve program development, enable us to better meet the increased need for our programs, strengthen our ability to track the impacts of our work, and promote stability through supporting fund development initiatives.
  5. Jasper Artists Guild’s Inventory management and Point of Sale System:The project will move the Jasper Artists Guild into the modern area using digital systems and computer programs to track inventory and customer interactions. Our current method of recording and tracking artworks that come into inventory is paper based, and the customer transaction and subsequent change in inventory is also paper based.
  6. Canmore Young Adults Network’s (CYAN) Transforming CYAN: Putting our COVID learnings to work: The project will lift CYAN to an utterly new level of performance because we will have learned from COVID and created more and better trained staff, an effective back office with integrated association management software, a refreshed social media and web presence, effective digital and face-to-face programming, a better known presence in Town.
  7. Homeless Society of the Bow Valley’s Inclusive, Diverse and Equitable Strategic Organizational Fundraising Project: This project will result in a strategic fundraising approach using a diversity, equity and inclusion lens that will lead to long-term and sustainable income generation from diverse funding streams. Our organization will adapt by building the capacity to provide programs and services to individuals within the Bow Valley community experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity, sometimes due to COVID-19 pandemic.

The Community Services Recovery Fund is a $400 million investment from the Government of Canada to support charities and non-profits as they focus on how to adapt their organizations for pandemic recovery. Now more than ever, charities and non-profits are playing a key role in addressing persistent and complex social problems faced by all communities. The Community Services Recovery Fund responds to what charities and non-profits need right now and supports organizations as they adapt to the long-term impacts of the pandemic.


“Community service organizations are often the first to identify and respond to emerging needs, and they are often the ones best positioned to create real change at the local level,” said Jenna Sudds, the Federal Minister of Families, Children and Social Development. “Through the Community Services Recovery Fund, the Government of Canada recognizes and supports the critical role these organizations play in building strong, resilient and inclusive communities. This funding will help these organizations expand their reach, build their resilience to better adapt to emerging challenges, and make a greater impact on the lives of the people they serve.”

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