You’ve got goals and you want to make the most of your charitable giving - you want to help build community capacity and support potential. You may want your impact to be visible to the community. You may have a specific challenge you want to help address. It’s easy to set up a fund in your name as an individual, a family, a charitable organization or as a business. You can also start a fund in the name of someone you want to honour.

Funds can be donor-advised, donor-designated, in memoria or a scholarship. Each has unique advantages.

BCF takes care of all the administration, investment management and disbursement.

Here are a few examples:

In Memoriam

A fund is created to honour the life of someone who has passed, allowing a community to gather donations in a safe and secure way, and to put them to use in a community-changing effort that’s supported by BCF’s strategic insight and administrative experience.

To engage your business’ team

Businesses start a fund to pool their charitable giving in a way that meets their Corporate Social Responsibility Goals and allows their staff members to have a direct say in how the funds are spent. BCF’s strategic insight and administrative experience compliments your business’ goals.

To address a specific issue

Many people are inspired to make an impact in a specific issue. That could be Truth and Reconciliation, climate change, access to education, food security, conservation or many other issues. People may decide to get together and pool financial resources, gathering contributions from their own networks with a specific strategic target. We can help with that!

To invest your funds in your community

Perhaps you’ve had a liquidity event (such as selling a business or receiving an inheritance) or recently acquired some money and would like to invest your funds in causes and in the community. This can also help reduce your tax burden. If you’re interested in creating a foundation of your own but don’t have the time or expertise for the administrative setup and upkeep, we can help.

To support a specific organization

If you would like to make a long-term commitment to an organization in the Bow Valley that is sustainable for many years, a fund created with BCF can steward your plans.

To support your non-profit’s long-term sustainability

An endowment held at BCF can help secure your organization’s financial sustainability. Pooling resources with other community groups offers a greater impact, and takes the hassle of endowment management away from your team.

As a legacy

Families and individuals see philanthropy as a personal commitment to their community values and a way to see their legacy continue. See more about legacy planning here.

Starting a Fund FAQs

Contact our team to talk more about the simple ways to start your own fund.