Living Values, Leaving Legacies

The Paddy Mulloy Memorial Fund at BCF

Throughout her life, Harriett “Paddy” Mulloy (1922 – 2022) lived by her values—compassion, community, and deep appreciation for the world around her. She was a steward of the environment, a spiritualist who found solace and inspiration in nature, and a minimalist who eschewed material wealth in favour of a life rich in experience and connection.

Thanks to a generous gift from her estate, Paddy’s love of people and places will be forever present in our community. The Paddy Mulloy Memorial Fund at BCF is a celebration of Paddy’s values and commitment to the community she came to love.

Acting to make a difference

“Paddy was very resilient,” remembers her nephew Robert and his wife Carol Cuthbertson. “She knew who she was and what she wanted, and she lived what she believed in.”

Conceived in Ireland and born in 1920s London, Paddy became a civil servant for the British Home Office during WWII at 17 years old. It was then she witnessed the total destruction of her family home by an enemy bomb. Seventy-four years later, in 2013, she was rescued in a combine harvester from her High River residence during the flood and remarked, “at least this time they are not bombing me!” It was a testament to her resilience, her ability to find light in even the darkest of moments—a trait that served her well as a social worker years earlier.

After a long career in Calgary, Paddy retired to the mountains of Banff where she found her haven, a place to connect more intimately with nature, and the people and places that make the Bow Valley special. “She loved being part of the community,” recalls Robert. “She enjoyed walking down the street and chatting with people or strolling along the river. She would often sit in quiet contemplation.”

Her respect for nature and its preservation brought Paddy to the stage as an actor with Precipice Theatre, a non-profit theatre company that used acting and performance as a format to raise environmental awareness. Paddy relished her many roles and took great strength from the energy of her fellow actors. Over the years, many lasting friendships were formed and she was embraced as a member of several remarkable and like-minded families.

“The Bow Valley is a wonderful part of the world that Paddy wanted to leave some kind of a legacy to,” says Robert. “She wanted to give back—that's the kind of person she was.”


By the bridge

As we approach the end of our journey we are challenged to go beyond the need to find meaning, through taking care of others, through achievement, through changing the world and making a difference."


– Paddy Mulloy

Ripples of generosity

For Paddy, the river offered more than a place for introspection, but also inspiration. And like the mighty Bow River flows through the Valley, the Paddy Mulloy Memorial Fund flows much-needed funds to organizations that held special significance to Paddy, including the Banff Public Library, Banff Seniors Society, Bow Valley Naturalists, and Banff Canmore Foundation.

Banff Public Library: Paddy’s support of the Banff Public Library is a tribute to her father, Patrick Mulloy, who had a profound love for learning and knowledge. Patrick's daily visits to the library in London, England, served as a source of inspiration for Paddy, instilling in her a lifelong appreciation for the power of literacy.

"Banff Public Library is truly grateful for the annual support of the Paddy Mulloy Memorial Fund held at Banff Canmore Foundation. Because of Paddy Mulloy’s enduring gift, Banff Public Library can regularly refresh and expand its library collection and build upon critical community resources such as the Library of Things and the Little Food Pantry. The Paddy Mulloy Memorial Fund contributes to a sustainable and essential public library where everyone in the community can belong and thrive.”

— Sarah McCormack, Library Director

Banff Seniors Society: Reflecting Paddy's deep respect and admiration for the wisdom and experience of older adults, the Banff Seniors Society receives support from the fund to enhance the quality of life for seniors in the community.

“The money from Paddy will allow us to do some special programming that Paddy, a valued member of our Society, would have enjoyed.  This will include entertainment for the residents of Cascade House, walks around Town to appreciate our natural world and meals at local restaurants as well as trips to Canmore, Cochrane and Calgary for shopping. We would like to include enjoying a drama presentation as many of us remember Paddy's enthusiastic participation in Precipice Theatre.”

— Mary Buckingham, President


Bow Valley Naturalists: Paddy's profound connection to nature and her commitment to environmental stewardship are honored through support for the Bow Valley Naturalists. Their efforts to preserve and protect the natural beauty of the region resonate deeply with Paddy's values and beliefs.

“The Bow Valley Naturalists would like to extend a hearty thank you to the Paddy Mulloy Memorial Fund at Banff Canmore Foundation, and we will remember Paddy for her humility, commitment, and generosity.”

— Bow Valley Naturalists

Banff Canmore Foundation: Her belief in the power of local solutions to global issues led Paddy to name Banff Canmore Foundation as a beneficiary of the Paddy Mulloy Memorial Fund, helping to ensure a long and sustainable future for the Foundation—and the community—as we steward much-needed resources right here in the Bow Valley.

"We’re grateful Paddy’s vision included support for the Banff Canmore Foundation and the work that we do in facilitating gifts that catalyze change in our community.” 

— Laurie Edwards, Executive Director

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