BCF Community Grants is the Bow Valley’s farthest-reaching grant program, channeling local residents’ support to projects with potential.

Community Grants

In 2024, 24 local organizations received a total of more than $180,000 to build impact, drive systems-level change and enhance the lives of all who live here.


BCF Community Grants

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BCF grants match contributions from our community with local organizations who can put those funds to work. It's about activating potential.

2024 Community Grants application deadline was January 30. If you have any questions about applying in the future, please email gro.noitadnuoferomnacffnab@stnarg

Our Grants


Donor-Advised Grants

Matching donors’ objectives with impactful projects through donor-advised and donor-designated funds.


Partnership Grant Programs

Through our federal and provincial networks, we administer programs to support local civil society, including the Investment Readiness Program and the Community Services Recovery Program.

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