Truth And Reconciliation in the Bow ValleY

A call to act, to do more and do better.


The conversations we’ve been having in the Truth & Reconciliation groups have been very, very strong and meaningful and deep. I get a sense that there are a lot of people who want to be in these conversations and yet the information being shared in these circles is, in many ways, sacred. So the challenge is how do we share this?”

- Daryl Kootenay
Moving Mountain Co-lead

Vital Signs: In 2018, Banff Canmore Foundation’s Vital Signs research revealed Truth and Reconciliation as a top priority for people living in the Bow Valley.

The report found that 31 percent of Bow Valley residents were unfamiliar with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and its Calls to Action and 74 percent were interested in learning more. Sixty percent expressed a readiness to act.

It also found a severe gap in well-being between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities in the Bow Valley.

In response, BCF established a program goal to support the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission with Indigenous peoples in the Bow Valley.

Read the TRC Calls to Action here.

To advance this goal, we are working to increase program investment in Indigenous-led and Truth and Reconciliation initiatives; increase Indigenous representation within BCF staff, committees and board; craft and share more stories that convey the impact of Truth & Reconciliation-related activities; and, provide transparent reporting on our progress.


The BCF Truth & Reconciliation Fund supports projects that are Indigenous-led and/or advance the TRC’s Calls to Action in the Bow Valley, from Lake Louise to Mînî Thnî.  Make a contribution today and let’s do more and do better, together.

Nahanni tepee
Îyârhe Nakoda Stories Tipi Program

Tracking our progress

Program Investment

For the past four fiscal years, BCF has been specifically tracking our work in this field. Average percentage of investment committed to Indigenous-led or Truth and Reconciliation initiatives for since 2018: 

  • Grants & Scholarships = 15% 
  • Contracts for services and honoraria= 24.4% 
  • All program expenses, including contracts and grants = 17.8% 


BCF currently has a number of contract service providers who identify as Indigenous. BCF currently no Indigenous representation within our Board of Directors. We are recruiting for these opportunities.


Grants and Initiatives

Mini Hrpa Indigenous Cultural Centre

The Indigenous Cultural Centre, currently located in the BCF office on Banff Ave., is guided by an Indigenous Knowledge Circle, a community advisory group made up of 20+ grassroots Indigenous artists and community leaders in the Bow Valley growing and strengthening Indigenous community knowledge within Treaty 7.

Mini Hrpa programming will build intercultural relationships and dialogue and open pathways for non-Indigenous community groups in the Bow Valley to meaningfully include Indigenous perspectives, ways of knowing and being, and aspirations in community-building activities.

Learn more here.



Get involved

Individuals, groups, companies and organizations can all make a difference and help do more and do better right here in the Bow Valley.

Have you thought about holding a fundraiser for the Truth & Reconciliation Fund? As we've seen from generous community members who continue to help build this Fund, there are many fun and engaging ways to participate.

Give us a call to get started!

Fundraising for the Truth & Reconciliation Fund at Banff's WildFlour Bakery.

Fundraising for the Truth & Reconciliation Fund

at Banff's WildFlour Bakery.